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Forget about Cloud Cover. Focus on Remote Sensing!

It's not hallucinated data


CloudlessEO Vs. Sentinel-2

Mosaic of 4 different Sentinel-2 acquisitions (required 3 hours of expert work using GIS software)

Our CloudlessEO algorithm uses the Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data to recover high frequency geometries and as an intermediate mapping space to generate accurate spectral information in spots covered by clouds and shadows in optical satellite imagery. CloudlessEO produces cloud-free optical imagery as if there were no clouds!


Did you know?

Our AI algorithm CloudlessEO:
Has over 1.2 Billion trainable parameters.
Continually learns from new satellite acquisitions without, thus getting consistently better with the time.
Is aware of geolocation specific properties, prior acquisitions and land cover change history.
Looks autonomously for its own training data, processes it and learns from it.

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